Pipe and Mesh Security Fence


  • 32mm or 40mm NB galvanized pipe posts drilled for 1.8m high mesh and 3 strands of barbed wire including caps
  • 50mm NB galvanised pipe for end or corner posts with caps
  • 32mm NB galvansed pipe for bracing at end and corners or for Top Rail
  • Pipe fittings to join braces to corner posts
  • 1.800M x 50mm x 2.5mm galvanised chain link wire mesh
  • 2.5mm High Tensile strainer wire
  • Three strands of Barbed Wire - High Tensile Reverse Twist 100mm or 150mm spacings
  • Fencing clips and wire ties


Single or Double Gates made to order

  • Includes gate posts with caps
  • Hinges
  • Drop bolts
  • Chain for padlock


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